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CP3 Cathodic Protection Technologist

CP 3 - Cathodic Protection Technologist

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Course Provider

NACE GB is working to find a way to offer the Cathodic Protection Courses within the UK. Once we have a formula that allows the course to be provided, the course details will be posted here. Until the Section is able to reach a resolution, please go to the NACE web site (www.nace.org/cstm/education) for details Cathodic protection Course Schedule worldwide.

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Course Information


The CP 3-Cathodic Protection Technologist Course is an intensive 6-day course that presents CP technology to prepare students for the NACE Cathodic Protection Technologist Certification Examination. The CP 3-Cathodic Protection Technologist Course builds on the technology presented in the CP 2-Cathodic Protection Technician Course covering both theoretical concepts and practical application of cathodic protection with a strong focus on interpretation of CP data, CP troubleshooting and mitigation of problems that might arise in both galvanic and impressed current systems. The course is presented in a format of lecture, discussion and hands-on, in-class experiments and group exercises. There is a written examination at the conclusion of the course.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for persons who have extensive CP field experience and a strong technical background in cathodic protection. Students must complete a preliminary application for certification at least 60 days in advance so that education and prerequisites can be verified.


For each path, all prerequisites must be met in order to apply for the CP 3-Cathodic Protection Technologist Course.

Path 1
- 8 years Cathodic Protection work experience with progressively increasing technical responsibilities.
- High school diploma or GED
- Algebra and logarithm training

Path 2
- 6 years Cathodic Protection work experience with progressively increasing technical responsibilities
- CP Technician certification or equivalent training

Path 3
- 3 years Cathodic Protection work experience with progressively increasing technical responsibilities
- 4-year physical science or engineering degree
- CP Technician certification or equivalent training

Course Highlights

  • CP Theory
  • CP Criteria
  • CP Interference
  • Detecting Stray Current, AC Interference, and Telluric Current Interference
  • CP Design Fundamentals
  • Design Calculations (circuit resistances, system capacity and life, number of anodes, driving voltage)
  • Evaluation of System Performance
  • Troubleshooting Cathodic Protection Systems

Skill Assessment

Upon successful completion of the CP Technologist Examination, a Certified NACE Cathodic Protection Technologist will have passed a written examination with a grade of 70% or greater that will include various levels of assessment of the following skill and knowledge factors:

  • Understand activation, concentration and resistance polarisation and the mathematical expressions of these concepts.
  • Understand the factors that affect polarisation (area, temperature, relative movement, ion concentration, oxygen concentration).
  • Understand the NACE criteria for CP and be able to apply the criteria and make adjustments as necessary to CP systems in order to comply with the criteria defined by the company where the technologist is employed.
  • Understand the concept of current distribution and be able to determine ideal current distribution for a CP system taking into account the factors affecting current distribution (anode-to-cathode separation distance, electrolyte and structure resistivity variation, current attenuation).
  • Perform advanced cathodic protection testing using correct measurement techniques to monitor CP system performance and accurately interpret the data collected to ensure optimum CP system performance. Based on data collected, determine if correction/modifications to system components are necessary.
  • Identify errors in data collection/CP measurements including contact resistance errors, voltage drop errors and, reference electrode errors.
  • Conduct and document interference tests where stray currents are suspected to determine if interference exists and identify the source of the interference.
  • Upon determination of interference, identify and implement a method of control that will mitigate the effects of the stray current.
  • Design and install simplistic forms of galvanic and impressed current cathodic protection facilities and perform the necessary mathematical calculations.

Materials Included in Registration Fee

Students will receive the CP 3-Cathodic Protection Technologist Course Manual on CD-ROM prior to the start of
the course. A hard copy of the course manual will be provided to students on-site.

Exam-Only Option

Candidates meeting the prerequisites listed can sit for the CP Technologist Examination without taking the class. The exam is open book so that candidates can bring their own references. Candidates will receive a copy of the course manual. Exams are scheduled to coincide with scheduled courses. Exam-only candidates may only attend the course on the day of the exam. Contact NACE first Service for more information. Registration fees for exam only candidates are non-refundable.